What Madhwa – Narayana represents

Madhwacharya is the only saint who has described the position and qualities of Lord Narayana. He has described him as the Deva or Supreme power and all other deities as Devatas. The Deva controls the devatas and the relation between the Deva and Devatas are described in great detail as tartamya in Dwaita literature.

Madhwacharya has described Narayana as the embodiment of all good qualities [gunapoorna – गुणपूर्ण] and faultless [doshadoora – दोषदूर].

Narayana is the Supreme Lord and Madhwacharya is the ultimate Guru

“Madhwa – Narayana Ashrama” represents the significance of God [Hari] and Guru.


The Ashrama is located on a three acre plot in Ramohalli off the Bangalore – Mysore Road near Kengeri. The premise is called NarasimhaVanam.


The Ashrama currently hosts a Narasimha Temple & pilot Energy Centre. The Spiritual Energy Rejuvenation Complex already has the PanchamukhiMahaGanapati Temple. There is also a Goshala.

Madhwacharya [1238 – 1317] propounded DwaithaVedantha, one of the Vedantic Schools in Sanathana Dharma. Madhwacharya is considered as a form of Vayu or Jiva [life breath]. It is believed that he was ordained by Narayana as Vyasa to explain the Sastras in a simple manner. Madhwacharya wrote commentaries on all important Sanathana Dharma Sastras. It is collectively known as “sarvamulagrantha”. Through his works, Madhwacharya explains the message of Vedas through the Upanishads, Bhagvad Gita, Puranas and Brahma Sutras. He integrated different texts and put together its core message in a comprehensive, but simple manner.

From 1993, the Swamiji has been conducting Vidyadaana or knowledge transfer on Sanathana Dharma scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas to a group of students. Madhwacharya’s “sarvamulagrantha” is the guiding methodology for all education that happens in the Ashrama.

The Ashrama continues to work in the parampara that is defined in our Sastras or scriptures. Students are welcome to stay with the Swamiji in the Ashrama and learn at their pace. There is no fee to be paid or exams to be taken. Life in the Ashrama is frugal, at its best. People from all backgrounds are invited to join the shishyaparampara.

The Swamiji trains the students at the Narasimha energy centre. The guru [teacher] and shisyas [students] pray, meditate and learn in the complex in an informal manner. Students experience the benefits of both Mantra Yoga and Kriya Yoga in this atmosphere. Scores of students have seen their personal lives change for the better and their spiritual well-being enhance in this atmosphere.

In addition to education and a frugal lifestyle, the Ashrama shishyas also experience the joy of conducting many daily rituals in a manner that has been laid down by SrimanMadhwacharya in the sarvamulagrantha. The Ashrama is one of the few places where the rigidity of practice is still maintained.

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