Go Shaala

The Ashrama is currently managing 25 cows in their old age. These animals are generally neglected by the owners once they stop giving milk. They either die of starvation or are slaughtered.

The Swamiji believes that all forms of life have a right to lead a dignified life. He has taken the responsibility of protecting these animals by not only giving them food, but also giving them love and care.

The Ashrama spends nearly 10 lakhs a year on feed, healthcare and maintenance of these animals. The dry grass feed is purchased immediately after the harvest and stored during the year. The most nutritious ragi and paddy stock is fed to the animals along with other supplements suggested by the veterinarians. Clean water is currently being pumped at the Ashrama itself. The large pond next to the Ashrama has meant that the Ashrama seldom faces water problems.

We need volunteer help in procuring feed and other necessities. We have to pay salaries to employees who take care of the cows on a daily basis and also to veterinarians. Any donation to cover costs is welcome. You can help us to manage the salary component through a small donation every month. Online transfer details are in the Participate section. All donations to this activity carry 80G Exemptions under the Income Tax laws.