Guest House

With its limited Ashrama resources, 10 modest rooms were built at the Ashrama. These guest rooms are extremely basic and served to provide the most basic accommodation to scholars and students who studied mantra and kriya yoga at the Ashrama. The huge common area in the Ashrama serves as a common dormitory when large numbers of pilgrims choose to stay at the Ashrama during festivities. There is a shared kitchen and bathroom facilities currently.

The modest infrastructure has served the Ashrama well for more than two decades, since it was meant to cater mostly to students who came for a rigorous Ashrama learning experience. Moving forward, it is necessary to upgrade this infrastructure and provide modern facilities since we anticipate a different crowd to stay back and learn yoga and mantra siddhi at the Ashrama. The proposal is to provide built – in toilets and a cot and bed arrangement for the convenience of the devotees. There are opportunities to participate in this initiative also. Please see Participate section.