Guru Parampara

The Guru Parampara is traced in the following manner:-

The Swamiji traces the spiritual lineage of the Ashrama to the PejawaraPeetha. The Ashrama follows the religious practices ordained by the Peetha. The Swamiji is the 50th pontiff in the guru parampara.

Sri Adokshateertha was the last of the eight disciples given deeksha by the founder of Dwaita tradition, Sri Madhwacharya. The matha he setup was in Pejawara village in Udupi and the matha carries the village name. Sri Madhwacharya blessed Adhokshateertha with a Vittala idol. PejawaraMatha seers pray that form of Vishnu every day.

After giving sanyasadeeksha, Sri VishweshaTeerthaSwamiji blessed Sri VishwabooshanaTeerthaSwamiji with a Narasimha idol as pradhanadevatha. Lord Narasimha is also the Ishtadevata of Sri SriVishwabooshanaTeerthaSwamiji.The Ashrama is now dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The Swamiji performs penance, puja and meditation to Lord Narasimha at the small temple in the Ashrama premises in Ramohalli, Bangalore.

The Ashrama also hosts classes on Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas for scholars. The shiksha [classes] happen in the temple premises. These scholars have seen the health and family benefits of doing sadhana, mantra yoga and kriya yoga in a dedicated place. The new initiatives are focused on increasing the scope of this practice, so people in millions benefit from this experience.

Sri Sri 108 Sri VishwabooshanaTheertha Swamiji

Sri SriVishwabooshanaTeertha Swamiji comes from a traditional Madhwa Brahmin family from Kushtagi in Karnataka. He was named Srinivasa by his parents. Srinivasa did his early studies at Hyderabad. He was drawn towards spirituality since childhood. He joined the Sanskrit College, Vidyapeetha, Bangalore in 1976. Over the next 8 years, he studied Sanskrit and Sanathana Dharma at the Vidyapeetha. He gained expertise in Madhwacharya’s writings in addition to Vedas, Upanishads, Logic and Puranas.

The Bangalore Vidyapeetha was started by the veteran Pejawar Matha seer, Sri Sri VishweshaTeerthaSwamiji. Srinivasa came in touch with the seer during his study at the Vidyapeetha and spent the next 7 years with the seer on an extended gurukula. The seer gave him personal training in nyayasudha for two years. During the Chaturmasya at Badri in 1992, he performed Nyaya Sudhamangalam for him. As a part of the preparation for Sanyasa, Srinivasa did rigorous meditation at Hampi’s Yantrodaraka Pranadeva Temple for 48 days.

On 28th January 1993, the Pejawar seer gave sanyasadeeksha [initiation] to Srinivasa at Tirumala in front of Lord Varaha Swami and Lord Srinivasa and renamed him as VishwabhooshanaTeerthaSwamiji. During the Sanyasadeeksha, the Pejawar seer blessed VishwabhooshanaTeertha by giving pranavamantraupadesha and also gave Narasimha idol as a pradhanadevata. Lord Narasimha is worshipped at the Ashrama every-day.

VishwabhooshanaTeerthaSwamiji purchased a 3 acre plot and started the Ashrama in January 1994. The Madhwanarayana Trust was started & registered in 1994.