In the Vishnu Purana, there is a saying that supporting good causes selflessly and those that help generations of life forms enjoy happiness and bliss will lead to blessings of seven generations of fore-fathers and will protect seven generations of progeny.

Go Prashana -Feed the Animals

The Ashrama provides opportunity of different kinds for contributions. We are looking for animal lovers to help us feed old and diseased animals at our cow shelter [Go – shala]. The current infrastructure can accommodate 25 cows. It costs us around Rs.200.00 to feed a cow every day. We are looking for patrons who can adopt a cow and look after its feed.

Go – Daana or Gift a Cow

As a part of Hindu death ceremony, it is a practice to give “go daana” or gifting a cow. People normally give money to priests in lieu of cows, since there are not many priests who look after a cow. We encourage you to gift us cows that we can take care of with love and attention. It serves the purpose of the donation and also gives you the joy of helping a cow live in dignity. We identify cows that need assistance. You come over to the Ashrama, perform necessary religious ceremonies, partake the prasada and leave. The Ashrama manages the whole process.

Celebrate an Occasion

Once we get tired of parties and lunches, it becomes necessary to spend quality time with loved ones at a serene place on special occasions. The joy of sharing time and memories can be combined with re-energizing yourself and your family. Create an endowment and schedule a couple of hours at the Ashrama every year. Whether it is a birthday or a marriage anniversary, the blessings of Panchamukha Ganapati is sure to kick-start a happy year ahead. The serene atmosphere guarantees time with yourself and a couple of hours of solitude with the God. The Ashrama assures you peace and calm to reflect and rejoice.

Rejuvenate through Homas / Kalyanotsava

The Ashrama is one of the last bastions of traditional Sastric application of religious traditions. People aspire to conduct homas and Kalyanotsava to commemorate anniversaries, marriages, child birth; aspire for success and wealth; and to ward off ill-luck.
Under the guidance of HH Swamiji, the Ashrama provides an appropriate atmosphere for you to conduct religious ceremonies in a leisurely manner and achieve desired results.

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