Sri LakshmiNarasimha Jayanthi

There are many temples in India. Why is it necessary to have one more temple in Bangalore?

Our Sastras see temples not as a religious centre, but as energy centres that help people to charge themselves positively. In a nutshell, a temple is like a battery charger. This charging happens through an extremely well defined and scientific process. This process is known as “Mantra Yoga” and “Kriya Yoga”.

The scientific charging process happens when mind rests and rejuvenates. Mind relaxes when it is still and happy. The Spiritual Energy Rejuvenation Therapy helps accelerate the process.

Madhwacharya quotes in BrahmasutraBashya – नृसिंहादिकमन्यच्च दुरितादि निवृत्तये. It implies that the Narasimha form of Narayana eradicates our sins. The worship of Narasimha helps us tide our difficulties better.

Every person aspires for peace and prosperity always. To achieve this, there are many impediments. Madhwacharya advises in the BrahmasutraBashya that the NarasimhaAvatara removes obstacles that stop us from optimising our achievements and goals and enjoying lasting peace and prosperity.

Narasimha and Lakshmi Mantras are among the most powerful mantras. They guarantee results if done as per defined process. They are also the most popular mantras for people seeking material riches and prosperity.

The entire process of rejuvenation is extremely scientific and follows specific code. The first stage is to visualize the power that one meditates on. The Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha idol presents the form of deity that is appropriate for meditation. The idol is styled on the Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha at Ghatikachala. It is regal and attracts the devotee. The process begins with Mantra Yoga in the premises.

The second stage involves another stage of mantra on the lotus petals that are designed to in a spherical manner. The lotus exposes the person to meditate in the open. There are 108 petals along the circumference. The Narasimha Dhyana Mandira is designed to make it appear on a hillock. The design insulates meditation hall from the mantra yoga. The Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Temple has mantra yoga as it calling card. It provides a peaceful ambience for devotees to practice in absolute piety.

The proposed project is broadly pyramidal in shape. The sprawling meditation hall is on the ground floor. The outer periphery of the meditation hall has 64 Narasimha statues depicting idols in different temples in India as in a cave. The 64 statues helps a person reinforce different aspects of the same deity. This reinforcement brings more power for a devotee to concentrate on the meditation in the inner hall continuously.

The seating pattern and acoustics are designed to help every seeker spend time with himself / herself in absolute calm and serene atmosphere meditating on Gods of their choice. This hall provides necessary atmosphere for both Kriya and Dhyana.

Continuous mantra at the top flight and dhyana and kriya at the lower level creates a huge energy spiral that is accentuated by the pyramidal top. The building architecture is so designed that even casual visitors to the complex will exit with a huge dose of positive energy. The atmosphere is designed to make people calmer and strengthen self – confidence. A seeker can use the ready infrastructure to calm stress and negative thoughts.

We are looking for patrons to help build this unique complex in Bangalore. There are different levels of involvement and all help will be suitably acknowledged. Please visit Participate section to know how to contribute to this project.We are not looking only for cash contributions for this project. We encourage you to contribute in kind in whatever manner you deem fit to make the project a reality.